Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kitchen Remodel

Been very busy for many months painting my oak kitchen cabinets white. As you can see the old oak cabinets had an arch on the top ones so we ordered new doors for the top only. I wanted a modern kitchen and I thought the square ones looked more simple and modern. I love clean lines. Plus our old bottom ones were that way anyway. What a process. Now that we have our new refrigerator we found out it doesn't fit right under the cabinet that is there so we have ordered a smaller cabinet for that space so it looks like my painting cabinets project STILL is not over with. UGH! Just this past week we had Granite Transformations come in and put in our countertops and blacksplash. What a difference that makes. My kitchen looks so clean now. Well, except for the floor but we aren't putting in the bamboo flooring until we get a few ceiling drywall projects finished. Such a slow process...worth the wait tho! We are putting the wood floors in the kitchen and our great room which are connected. Will post pics of those when it gets done. We are also thinking about cutting out the middle of my pantry door and a few of the top cabinet doors and adding glass which will add to the modern look. We also have ordered stainless steel door handles that look really modern. I just couldn't wait to share how far we have come. I have attached a picture of what the kitchen looked before we started the whole process and what it looks like right now. enjoy!

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