Friday, May 29, 2015

Breast Cancer Survivor Gingerbread Ornament

I just realized that I hadn't shared my gingerbread breast cancer survivor ornament I designed and painted. I do still need to paint some of these up for ovarian cancer as well since that is what I have been fighting and there just isn't much awareness about this cancer. This can be ordered at my Etsy shop Enjoy!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Sorry I have been MIA. I had my hysterectomy on May 14th and am recovering from it right now. I had so dreaded it since I just had surgery in October for a colon obstruction. This surgery was a result of them finding ovarian cancer through the colon surgery. Still praising the Lord for blessing me in them finding it early. After the surgery my doctor said I had "no cancer" and he high fived me. That was music to our ears.

So far, this surgery doesn't seem to be near as bad as the colon one. It just took so many months for my system to start functioning right after the colon surgery. Not the case this time around. Just feeling very tired and I seem to sleep more than usual. I am not a napper usually. LOL I guess it is because I can't seem to get comfortable in the bed since I am not a back sleeper. I manage to sleep a little bit on my side but not for very long. Once I can do that I am sure I will feel more rested.

Was really bummed out when my pathology came back. I had microscopic cancer cells in my uterus, ovaries and omentum. So glad they took the omentum! Who knew we had one of those? Seems that cancer loves to go to the omentum. I guess because it serves as a shelter over the girl parts. Close proximity. My doctor wants me to have 6 more chemo treatments for precautionary measure since my cells were microscopic. Sort of scares me because if they can only been seen by a microscope and not a CT scan, then how will we really know if I am cancer free? I have 100% faith in my doctor and the man above, so I will do whatever I have to do. I have come too far to turn back now. Just dreading the hair loss, bad tastebuds and neuropathy that come with the chemo. Hoping 6 treatments won't make that much of a difference but who am I really kidding? Trying to keep the chin up and go through the isn't like I haven't done this before. You just hope that once the surgery is over with and all the cancer is cut out of you that you are ready to move on with your life. Guess this is just another little detour. Life interrupted for sure! This just may very well become my "new normal." I know I will certainly have to stay on top of my follow ups and scans.

I have managed to paint a little bit the last few days. I got a big Etsy order last night so that will perhaps motivate me a little more. I am still hoping to participate in a big craft show in October so I really do need to get a lot of inventory done. I just don't know what I'd do if I didn't have painting as a hobby. It makes me so happy and content. It keeps me moving on! Hope all of you are doing great! Hugs!