Monday, February 3, 2014

New Year...New Ornaments

I sooo need to get better at needs to become a daily routine doesn't it? I've been busy painting up some new designs so stay tuned for sure! I just completed a hunter santa and my tropical santa for 2014. I still need to finish them up with hats. I want to find a straw hat to fit the tropical santa so it may be awhile before he is completed. I am going to try and add at least one tropical santa per year to my collection. I have 4 new lightbulb ornaments on the painting table right now. Funny, I fret the instant the brush hits the bulb because I NEVER think they will turn out but am usually pleasantly surprised with the end result...we shall see...hope this will be the case with these 4.

Sometimes I am commissioned to paint special orders. In this case, my wonderful friend Ann Rea, who by the way keeps me busy painting bride and groom ornaments for all her friend's kids who are getting married, has a niece who is a doctor who married a doctor. Off to the designing board I went. Here is the result!