Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Update on Fighting the BIG "C"

Since I haven't blogged since July I feel like I should update what has been going on. I guess I was just too busy to get on here is the only excuse I can actually give. A lot has happened since last on here. I finished my last chemo treatment on August 1, 2015. Talk about a day of celebrating! Can't even describe what I felt that day. Bittersweet. So weird because I couldn't help but feel like a birdie being pushed out of the nest. When I was getting the chemo, although it was just a horrible thing to go through, at least I felt like I was doing something proactive, killing the cancer cells. Once the chemo stopped, I felt like I was no longer fighting and wondered if all the cancer was indeed gone. So far, all my CT scans I have had since then have come back good. Praise the Lord! Only thing it showed is a narrowing in my small intestines which is the issue I am dealing with right now. Since the day after Thanksgiving I have been having horrible stomach aches about 4 hours after I eat. It mostly hurts at night while I am trying to sleep. I have had a colonoscopy, barium enema, endoscopy, ultrasound and a HIDA scan. The latter to check the function of my gallbladder. My gastroenterologist wanted to rule out ulcers or gallbladder problems before I get thrown into a serious intestinal surgery, the tests came back normal. So, it must be the small intestines problem. From everything I have read, it is very common to have intestinal/abdominal problems after a hysterectomy or being cut open. We can get what are called adhesions. It may be adhesions or a possible tumor or something causing my small intestines problems. Only way to find out is to go in there and have surgery. I am having that next week. More than ready to get this behind me. I want to eat so bad. I can only eat toast and sometimes an egg and a banana. Needless to say, I am losing weight. Didn't want to lose it this way tho. Gotta take the good with the bad! My ca-125 blood test they give me to keep an eye on whether the cancer is recurrent has been going up which is not a good thing. It is possible that the abdominal problem could be causing this as inflammation can cause that number to go up. I sure hope it isn't cancer causing it again. My CT scans show none but who knows? I often wonder how doctors can ever tell you that you are really "cancer free?"

I had a very busy Christmas filling orders from my Etsy shop. I painted my heart out! I hope to get the brush back in my hand as I haven't really felt good enough to paint just yet. Hopefully after I have this surgery behind me I can move on. So much I want to do. I will, of course, share anything new I come up with. Have a happy and healthy 2016!

Oh hair is coming in really long and WHITE! So grateful to have a head full of hair again. Still debating on whether I will keep it white or not. It sure is a lot easier to take care of. Oh, the things we take for granted.


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  1. hi
    i love your breast cancer snow men. do you have a tutorial? i would love to make some for the people who have helped me in my fight. im not the best painter. you are very talented
    im at ignora1958@yahoo
    thank you