Saturday, July 11, 2015

Best Mom Ever!!

13 years ago today I lost my mom to a tragic accident. She was going down her basement steps and fell and never regained consciousness. She unfortunately hit her head right in a spot that caused her to be "brain dead." That was the most tragic day of my life...even moreso than finding out I had ovarian cancer. Wow...first time I have ever used the word had, as in past tense. So grateful that I can say that. Anyway, today is about my mom...I know instead of being sad about her passing, I need to celebrate her life today. I am so lucky to be able to call her mom. God could not have given me a more perfect mom. I so hate to see kids that aren't close to their mothers or are at odds with them and not even speaking. They need to embrace their mothers.

My mom was the most creative and talented and giving person I have ever known. She could sew, sculpt, paint, cake decorate, cook and so many other things. She was good at anything she undertook. Most of all she was the most giving person. At her funeral, we stood for 5 hours greeting people that loved her and what a testament that was to her. Almost everyone had a story of her making or giving them something. I am so proud to be her daughter! I try so hard to be the daughter she would be proud of. When I go to do something, I almost always have her in would she handle this or what would she do? Such a role model!

So to all of you out there that still have your moms...I say right now...go call them or see them...hug them...tell them you love them! Embrace your mother! Love her like no other! You will be so glad you did! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! This picture is of my mom and I at a 4th of July craft show that we did together. Oh, how I miss her creativity and crafting with her!

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