Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painted Christmas Presents

Sorry...just now getting around to posting about what has kept me so busy throughout the Christmas holiday. I was off work the week before Christmas and it's a good thing I was as I painted the ENTIRE time I was off. I painted dear hubby lightbulb ornaments to give away where he works for Pepsi every year. This year since my favorite Pepsi commercial showed a tropical santa who is on vacation and chooses Pepsi over Coke I decided that I wanted to paint him up so I did. I love designing as much as I love painting. Here is a picture of the finished ornament. I painted nine of them. I'm not much into repetition but I got through it somehow. I felt like a sweat factory.

Also, this year my sisters and I decided to make one another something as a gift as we decided to only buy gifts for the kids. I have had 4 ice skates sitting on my craft room shelf for many years and so wanted to paint them up for someone that is near and dear to my heart so I decided that would be my gift. I never painted them before because they intimidated me so much. Why do we let things intimidate us like that? The good thing with paint is that if the project doesn't turn out the way you want it to then you can just coat it with more paint until you like the finished project. As some of you know, I have an aversion to spray painting. I admit I'm not good at it. It always runs on me so I've always favored the paint brush...imagine that. So I painted on my primer first so that the paints would adhere to the shoe. Next I took a sponge and sponged on blue and white together to make the background. Then I put on my pattern using graphite and a stylus and went from there. My friend Martha who is the most brilliant crafter I know (right up there with my late mom's brilliant craft knowledge which is a BIG honor) helped and nudged me along the way. She had painted skates before and she told me what to use and do. I love the added glitter to the blades that she suggested. Needless to say, my sisters and sister-in-law just loved them. Made me swell with pride when they opened them up as I had managed to not let the intimidation get the best of me.

My niece who has taken after me and my mom has the love of crafting as much as us and I needed to make her something handmade also so I painted her this wooden frame I bought at Wally World. She is a freshman in high school and varsity cheerleader and she loves anything with their mascot on it. She is in the back row in the middle...tallest girl. Such a beauty and sweetness about her. Was such fun to paint on wood again for a change. In the olden days that is all I used to paint on until I found the love of painting on burnt out lightbulbs. This year I am gonna strive to paint on more wood. Back in the days when mom and I would cut wood together we would often joke "who needs diamonds and furs when you can have the wonderful smell of wood." We loved wood! I need to get back there some and enjoy the fun of cutting out wood again. And remember the wonderful memories I had with mom. Yeah...throw in a few tears.

Well, that is what I've been up to...hope you have been crafting your little hearts out too!

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