Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Much Needed VACATION!

Been at St. George Island, FL since Friday night and am lovin' it! This is the place where I'm at my most peace...secluded 2 mile wide, 20 mile long island. I could so become an "island girl." Needless to say I've pretty much been just uncharacteristic for me. This place has no hotels and not alot of people...would be hard to even find kids here...VERY quiet. Most folks have dogs with them. Perfect place for people my age. I could so move here! I've got lots of research to do as last night we witnessed Mother Nature's fireworks...there was a storm far away but yet we got to witness the lightning inside the clouds...was so neat. I captured it all on my new handy dandy Flip video recorder. Tonight is full moon which I just live for every month. Living on the lake I certainly appreciate the full moons more as they just glisten on the water. Thus far, the moon has been spectacular on the ocean! Only light out there at night. St. George is big for sea turtles and right outside our home we are renting is a nest. We have to keep the lights off the beach for them.

St. George now has the lighthouse that used to be on Little St. George Island as it was blown down by storms and the people of St. George got together and had the remains brought to the long island and had it rebuilt. We visited it yesterday and walked all 76 steps to the top. They can't shine the light at night due to the sea turtles...evidently there are people called "turtlers" and they have really fought this...the light will be turned back on November 1st and from what I'm told there is a huge party to celebrate it. Seems like there is always something the "locals" are celebrating, thus, another reason I should so move here!

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